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B Street – San Mateo Amateur Boxing Club, a non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) status, is a community-based boxing gym, located in the heart of the San Francisco Peninsula. B Street provides a safe haven for at-risk youth, and supporting individuals, of all skill level, to learn the sport of boxing and engage in fitness related activity. Participating individuals learn the technique and skills of boxing, in addition to discipline, dedication, and respect, supporting a positive and healthy life. It is B Street’s goal that at-risk youth take the positive energy and support, fostered inside the gym, and apply it at school, the workplace, home life, and in the community.  


B Street Boxing’s mission is to get San Mateo’s (and neighboring areas) at-risk youth off the street and into a safe and productive amateur boxing program. All youth, regardless of skill level, experience, or fitness level are encouraged to participate in classes, and decide if they want to compete on an amateur level. B Street also welcomes youth and teenagers with special needs or those in need of special accommodations, including youth with SPD, ASD, ADD, ADHD, etc.


B Street Boxing provides instruction and guidance from a team of professional and amateur champions, working in conjunction with USA Boxing, to provide individuals the best support and training. Founder, and lead trainer, Eddie Croft, is committed to the sport of boxing, and strives to provide local youth with a forum to succeed physically, academically and spiritually, through the sport of boxing. As an amateur, Eddie Croft won three San Francisco Golden Gloves championships. Upon turning to the world of professional boxing, he made a rapid ascent in the world rankings and captured the World Boxing Council’s Continental America’s Super-Bantamweight Title. He then contended for the World Championships against recent boxing legends, Tom “Boom Boom” Johnson, Erik “El Terrible” Morales, and Marco Antonio-Barrera. Despite his individual success as a fierce competitor, Croft’s proudest achievements come as a trainer, teacher and mentor. 


B Street currently has over 45 youth youth boxers, both male and female competitors, of varying ages.

With your support, B Street Boxing hosts and participates in amateur competitions, at a local, national and International level; provides free equipment and safety gear; funds registration fees, medical examinations, travel expenses and more. In 2017, B Street launched its boxing-tech hybrid program for youth looking for a place to access computers, learn how to code or individuals who are struggling socially, academically or otherwise and need additional support. 


Whether you are a boxing fan, looking to support a community-based program for San Mateo youth, enhance amateur competition, or simply want to provide at-risk youth a productive forum and second opportunity, your support in greatly appreciated.


Donations may be made out by check to "B Street – San Mateo Amateur Boxing Club, Inc."  Or through the "Donate" link below. Thank you in advance, your support means everything to us! 


B Street - San Mateo Amateur Boxing Club, Inc.  EIN 46-4692886

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