B Street Boxing Dominates NorCal Boxing

September Success!

This weekend was a big one for B Street Boxing. First, on Friday night, Eden Leznik fought on a Pro-Am card at the Doubletree Hotel in Sacramento. He boxed with intelligence, speed, grace, and power turning in a one sided unanimous decision victory. It was his most complete performance as a B Street boxer.

On Saturday, we had three boxers ready for action at the Battlefit Boxing Gym in Brentwood. Steve "Schoolboy" Johnson got things started with a 3rd round TKO in a fight against a skilled opponent in Jonathan Alforque from Shotgun Boxing Club. The first round was give and take, with Steve edging it out with some sharp combinations at the end. Round 2 started where the first one left off with more back and forth action. Drawing upon a deep reservoir of strength, Steve shot out of the corner at the bell to start round 3. Closing the distance with a piston like jab, Steve began to land heavy shots punctuated by a series of four lead right uppercuts in a row! After a standing eight count, the referee waved the bout off, making Steve the winner by TKO in the 3rd round. Also, with that performance, Steve was named best teen boxer of the event.

Next up was Dante "The Inferno" Kirkman. Fighting a much taller opponent, Dante had some difficulties in the first round dealing with the reach. In round 2, Dante's tenacity started paying off. His constant pressure and volume punching caused his opponent to tire and weaken. Landing with regularity, the referee stepped in for the first of three standing eight counts. Dante put his foot on the gas in the 3rd round, forcing 2 more eight-counts, thus forcing the referee to stop the fight. Back-to-back 3rd round TKO's for B Street!

B Street's final competitor of the weekend was Josh Ontiveros. Also fighting a much taller opponent, Josh expertly mixed up the target areas of his punches, going to the head with the jab, and coming back down with the straight right to the body. Then, going to the body with the jab, and throwing the right to the head. Keeping his opponent off balance with his attack made it easier to avoid being hit in return. Sticking with this formula, he cruised to an easy 3 round unanimous decision.

4-0 weekend. It's only the beginning!

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